Meet The People Behind Immediate Peak

The staff and management behind this exceptional piece of trading software represent the creme of the crop. This highly trained and motivated group of engineers and data scientists have made Immediate Peak their lives’ work.

Right from the go, the investors explained the importance of practical engineering and an efficient turnaround time. This means that the vision was created by the marketing and business managers, whilst the technological and innovative approaches to development was left for the tech team.

Together, we make up the winning DNA which is required in order to put together a top trading app such as Immediate Peak.

Professional Background

Steve Ackerman, CEO: Steven was born in San Francisco where he eventually ended up working head of Research and Development for Woodline Partners. A leading hedge fund specializing in research for the casino and gaming industry.

Ben Davies, CTO: Ben has a background in IT, Assembler, PHP, and Server-Side development. He has also managed tech teams around the world.

Jeff Ho, Chief Programmer and Product Manager: Jeff is an MIT graduate who has hand-on experience in Python, C++, Ruby, Typescript, SQL, and Mojo.

Lisa Becker, Head of Business Development and Client Relations: Lesa is our latest acquisition. Originally a German native, Lisa has graduated from the Sorbonne with a Business degree and speaks 5 languages fluently.

At The Forefront Of Innovation

Innovation is not just an idea, it’s a way of life here at Immediate Peak. We have daily innovation meetings where our tech teams try to use the latest approaches, methodologies, and technologies in order to bring results. As of today, we can whole-heartedly say that the team here at Immediate Peak can match the best in the industry. We also reward excellence and have very smart investors who understand how important it is to hold on to staff.

So take a minute to take our trading app for a little test drive and tell us what you think. We would love to get your feedback!